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Charlotte and the Sphinx

2.77 usd

Charlotte Holmes is a great detective of 8 years old!Today, she goes visiting the pyramids with her father, an archeologist.She’s followed with her faithful goose Watson.Guide Charlotte in great sceneries created from existing places of ancient Egypt.
During your exploration:
✪ Solve the riddle of the Sphinx who lost his nose.✪ Avoid dangerous animals.✪ Help Charlotte to find his goose.✪ Take notes on your findings.✪ Find all the sacred animals of Egypt.✪ Exit the terrible labyrinth of the pyramid of Cheops.✪ Open the secret door of the musical shrine.✪ Discover the secrets of the pyramids of Kephren and Mykerinos.✪ Use items in your inventory.
The pyramids and the desert will have no secrets for you!
This interactive and entertaining adventure is particularly suitable for children from 6 to 9.
In the program :
✪ 8 sceneries and 3d environments to discover.✪ 10 games of exploration and logic.✪ 25 hidden objects and treasures to find.✪ Win 4 medals by completing all missions.✪ Use inventory items.✪ 15 fact sheets about the sacred animals, gods and customs of the ancient Egyptians.✪ original ethnic music.
Over 40 minutes of discovery in English or French.
Elementary my dear Watson !